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Manifestacion No+violencia contra la muj
la foto 4 (14)
Nirvana conversando en Villa Sin Miedo
Aidita, Sandra Laureano, Ana Irma Rivera
Jovenes Compaz en actividad de Plaza Las

We celebrate 40 YEARS of struggle for health, know our 40 REASONS.


40 YEARS…   40 REASONS...

What started in 1979 as a mission to educate women about their reproductive rights, as part of the feminist agenda, has blossomed into a work culture that firmly believes in health as a human right, as a way to attain integral wellness.


Today, 40 years after our birth, we are still fighting to strenghten our initiatives, rooted on violence reduction, direct services to gender violence survivors and citizen participation, framed in education, activism and solidarity.


There are so many reasons to celebrate! That's why we present to you the 40 reasons why Taller Salud celebrates its existence and aspires to keep serving our communities, not only in Loiza, but in Puerto Rico.

feminist stories for puerto rican youth

Get to know the amazing stories of the most amazing women in Puerto Rico's history, narrated in Spanish with humor and lots of imagination!

Las Primeras  (The First Ones)

The series of mini-documentaries “Las Primeras (The First Ones): Stories of Struggle for the Rights and Health of Women" rescues the life and work of prominent Puerto Ricans who exceeded the limits imposed by society and stood out in their fields. Although they come from all kinds of disciplines, these pioneers are shown by their labor activist, their defense for women's rights, their struggle against the district and marginalization and, above all, their feminist legacy.

Libro_Un Cuerpo Propio_Taller Salud

Through the universal metaphor of the seed, Ana Teresa Toro tells us the reticulum, growth and survival of a seed sown in the late 70s and today, 40 years later, is a tree that gives shade in Loíza.


The non-profit organization Taller Salud has transcended internal and external crises that have allowed it to strengthen and take root in this coastal municipality and, in turn, sow new seeds in Latin America and around the Island. Review of historical material, face-to-face research and a series of 20 testimonies from participants, witnesses and active members of the Taller Salud work team tell us the journey through a fundamental fragment of the history of Puerto Rican feminism. In this way, we celebrate four decades of activism, sex education and community work in favor of women, as the basis of family and society.

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