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At Taller Salud we believe in forging an inclusive society, with active violence-free communities that advocate for their right to an integral health and that promote their mutual progress. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity for community coordinated responses and the skills of local community leaders in the search for common solutions for their families and communities through education, participatory processes and activism.

Some of the strategies used by Taller Salud to develop community leadership, prevent unjust displacement and guarantee a dignified life are:


Community Organizing: Organize communities to deal with what directly affects them.

Dignified Housing: Safe conditions, free of violence, access to essential services, community economic development.

Just Recovery: Our goal: zero unjust displacements, zero forced evictions, guarantees for accessible and democratic citizen participation, risk assessment capacity building, among others.

AMANI Project: Designed for children between 10 and 13 years old, teaching them to develop emotional intelligence and recognize gender equity through music.

Community Response Emergency Guide: Educational material based on the learnings and experiences of the community as a result of the lack of response from the State in the face of past emergency situations. It offers recommendations and resources for the elaboration of community emergency plans.


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