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Peace in

Puerto Rico


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Download the
Community Survey

Help us extend this study to all of Puerto Rico! Participate in our SURVEY and tell us:

¿What does Public Safety means to you?

Taller Salud invites you to participate in the following survey on public safety in Puerto Rico. Your collaboration will help us strengthen citizen participation and their ability to successfully promote social and political change.

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La Tribu is an extraordinary group of young men from Loíza who are leading the way towards peace and development! These courageous Locieño leaders come together to discuss burning issues around systemic racism, masculinities, and juvenile justice.


During the months of February and March 2022, these young people took an in-depth look at the Minors Law (Law 88) and how it could affect the youth of Puerto Rico.

And what did they do with all this information?


They created an exciting and powerful music video that will take your breath away! This is the result of his personal experiences and his commitment to justice.

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