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Defend Our
Right to Decide!

We are up in arms and with our chests tighter than ever; but we remain unwavering and well positioned to act with everything that comes our way. The Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade at the same time that in Puerto Rico there are already about 13 anti-abortion bills. 


The federal law decriminalizing abortion and upholding the right to privacy has given legal standing to other cases that have advanced rights such as:


- The right to marry a person of any gender.

- The right to a confidential relationship between doctor-patient.

- The right to decide the consensual sexual practices we want to carry out.

- The right to have access to contraception.


We cannot allow the criminalization of our reproductive decisions. Abortion access must be safe and accessible. We are going through a historic and dangerous moment in which millions of people (those that can afford it) would be forced to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to have a safe abortion and where our acquired rights are jeopardized. 

What happens in the next few days is critical. We need to mobilize at the community, national (yes, including you from the diaspora) and political level. Let's show that the outrage of our people cannot be ignored!


For the past 43 years Taller Salud has been working to ensure the integral health of women, their families and their communities. This is a moment to continue advancing our rights. Not a single step backwards. It’s time to protect the reproductive rights and human rights of all. 


We need you to contribute to this massive mobilization by taking action in one of the following ways.


Help our organization keep working towards an equal society with your contribution!

Who Are We

Take digital action!

The fastest and most impactful action you can take right now is to share, educate and mobilize from your social networks. You can find images, videos and writings to share by following this Dropbox link, following this Google Drive link or by copying, pasting and downloading from this website.

Instagram and Facebook

Copy and paste the content below, download the images below and post to your social media accounts. You can also download for Facebook from Dropbox or Google Drive or for Instagram from Dropbox or Google Drive


Copy/paste to your Instagram and facebook:


  • From Puerto Rico, I defend our right to decide!


The right to decide is for all people and restricting it opens the door to lose other rights we have fought for such as:


- The right to marry a person of another skin color. 

- The right to use contraceptives before marriage. 

- The right to oral and anal sex between consenting adults. 

- The right to marry a person of any gender.

- The right to a confidential doctor-patient relationship.


Join the fight to defend our rights by sharing this content and being vocal about your support for the defense of women's and pregnant women's right to decide. Share our toolkit and spread the word.


Take action, share the @TallerSalud Toolkit!


#TallerSalud #AbortoAsuntoDeSalud #MujeresYSalud #HumanRights #SexualRights #ReproductiveRights #SafeAbortion #IDefendRoeVWade #NoAlPS693 #SafeAbortionFreeAndAccessible #BansOffOurBodies #ToolkitTS

  • I support the right to choose!


Restricting safe abortion would result in a humanitarian and public health crisis where it would be women and pregnant women (especially the most impoverished and visibly black) who would pay with their lives the weight of a law based on religion and control of women's bodies. 


Between a state of emergency due to gender violence, inaccessibility to health services, lack of decent housing and food security, corruption left and right... we cannot explain when the real needs of our communities will be addressed. 


Where are the priorities of the people? 


We call on the Senate, instead of creating a public health or community violence crisis, to listen to the people, and make public policy based on the needs of the citizens. 


No to PS 693, no to PS 1084 and any other law that obstructs our access to sexual and reproductive health!


Take action, share the @TallerSalud Toolkit!


#TallerSalud #AbortoAsuntoDeSalud #MujeresYSalud #HumanRights #SexualRights #ReproductiveRights #SafeAbortion #IDefendRoeVWade #NoToPS693 #SafeAbortionFreeAndAccessible #BansOffOurBodies #ToolkitTS


  • Let's end misinformation about abortion! Let's break the stigma! 


💚 The effects and risks of passing anti-abortion measures would increase social and economic inequalities for those affected. 

💚 The approval of anti-abortion measures would lead to affected people having to use more resources, negatively impacting their economy and compromising their opportunities to decide on their own future.

💚 Creating restrictions on abortion rights does not decrease the need for women and pregnant women to terminate their pregnancies, but rather, increases the health risks for them.

💚 Sexual and reproductive health has been recognized as an integral part of the Right to Health of Women and Girls in All its Diversities; by institutions and actors of society at the international and national level, such as the World Health Organization, the University of Puerto Rico, among others.

💚 Anti-abortion measures go against Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights that seek to guarantee "unimpeded access to a whole range of health-related facilities, goods, services and information."

💚 Their measures do not address real public health needs, only 9% of abortions performed are on minors and less than 1% after 22 weeks of gestation.

💚 Young people need #ComprehensiveSexualEducation in order to have all the information they need to exercise their autonomy in an informed way.

💚 Access to contraceptives and protection methods are needed to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.


Take action, share the @TallerSalud Toolkit!


#TallerSalud #AbortoAsuntoDeSalud #MujeresYSalud #HumanRights #SexualRights #ReproductiveRights #SafeAbortion #IDefendRoeVWade #NoAlPS693 #SafeAbortionFreeAndAccessible #BansOffOurBodies #ToolkitTS


Copy and paste the tweets below, download the image below and post to your networks. You can also download from Dropbox or Google Drive.


Writings to copy and paste to your Twitter:


  • Stand up for the right to decide! While in the US #RoeVWade was overturned, in Puerto Rico about 13 anti-abortion bills are presented. Take action, share the Toolkit of @TallerSalud! #AbortoAsuntoDeSalud #ToolkitTS



  • Join the fight to ensure the comprehensive health of women, their families and their communities. In this historic moment I ask for your support to protect the reproductive and human rights of all. Share the toolkit: #AbortoAsuntoDeSalud #ToolkitTS

Social Post TW.jpeg

Tik tok/reels/Stories

Search for the effect: Defiende Nuestros Derechos (Defend Our Rights) and upload a video where you express why you defend the right to decide. Open this link from your Instagram app, or search for the "Derecho A Decidir" effect to post. Save the content to your cell phone to share wherever you like. Enjoy your green hair!

Efecto Derecho A Decidir.png

Profile Picture - all social media accounts

Download the following image and change your profile picture to it. Let's fill the networks with green. You can also download the image from Dropbox or Google Drive.

defend your right to.png

Animation - All social media accounts

Download the following animation and upload it to your favorite social network. You can also download it from Dropbox or Google Drive.

hashtag #bansoffourbodies
- all social media accounts

Upload a photo, a video, or any type of content in support with the hashtag #BansOffOurBodies.

Political Action!

From Puerto Rico:


Call 787-721-6040 during the week to contact the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico and tell them that you want them to take into consideration your opposition to Senate Bill 693 and that you say NO, to any other bill that jeopardizes the right to decide of women and gestating persons.


Follow the calls for demonstrations such as marches and protests that we publish and amplify from our networks in Taller Salud.


Take the digital actions that we share above.


Take a vocal position or open private conversations about the right to decide and your opposition to Senate Bill 693. 


JOIN our Reproductive Justice Committee (must have availability for 2 in-person meetings per month).


From the United States:


Sign the #StopControllingUs campaign petition by following this link.


Call the U.S. Senate as soon as possible and tell them that you want them to take into consideration your support for a law that defends the right to decide for women and pregnant women. Also express that you are opposed to any decision that would jeopardize your acquired rights.


Take the digital actions we share above.


Take a vocal stand or open private conversations about the right to decide and your opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade.


Follow calls for demonstrations such as marches and protests posted by allied organizations in the U.S. such as Planned Parenthood and Amnesty International.

Solidary Action!

The action that most directly drives us to continue our work is financial support to be able to continue our operations, education and advocacy work. Donate through Paypal by following the button below or through the "Donate" section of ATH Mobile.

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